Top 10 Reasons the Spotlight Band Is The “Best Wedding Band Ever!”

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Top 10 Reasons the Spotlight Band Is The "Best Wedding Band Ever!"

If you are looking for a dance band for your wedding in Denver, Boulder, any Colorado mountain town, or in a nearby state, here's why the Spotlight Band has been called the Best Wedding Ever!
  1. You can choose the music you want to hear! Given sufficient advance notice, the Spotlight Band will play all of your requests. That’s right, all of them! As a cover band, the Spotlight Band, has the right set of musicians capable of playing a wide variety of music. In addition to disco, classical, jazz, Motown, rock, country, 80s, oldies and swing, they’ve played Swedish folk songs, songs from Broadway musicals, bluegrass, salsa, punk and jam bands like Widespread Panic and name it, they can play it!
  2. You can have a wide variety of music… lovely, quiet dinner music at the appropriate volume for dinner; wedding dance songs of every sort, played as medleys to keep everybody dancing!
  3. You can have the band can split in half and play 2 places at once... let’s say that for cocktails the bar is in the ballroom but guests are also able to walk out on the lawn. With this band you can have nice, ambient music in both places.
  4. You can make sure the music keeps going... the band schedules breaks so that they only break when it’s appropriate so that your guests don't start leaving early. For example, they might play dinner straight through without a break then take a break during toasts. They want to make sure you get your money’s worth! For example, they weren’t schedule to start playing at one wedding until after dinner but dinner ran an hour and a half late... so they played the remaining 2 and a half hours without a break. They’ll also play background for you during breaks. As a party band, the Spotlight Dance Band will keep the party going full blast!
  5. You can be assured there won't be long breaks in between’s not as crucial during dinner, but during the dance portion during the wedding reception, you don’t want big breaks in the music as the band figures out what to play next. The band strings songs together into medleys so they don’t kill the dance groove - they’ll play 7 songs in a medley that lasts a half hour, then stop for 10 seconds to get ready for the next one.
  6. You can have members of the band play your wedding ceremony music... with musicians from the band. Choose from solo piano, classical guitar, piano and flute, guitar and flute, or add the singer on Ave Maria, The Wedding Song or another of your favorites.
  7. You can have the band leader Emcee your reception...Matt is a fun and upbeat Emcee who knows how to keep the wedding reception flowing smoothly with dignity and class, keeping people involved and having fun at the same time.
  8. You can rely on the band for their years of experience with a dance band for hire, they play a lot of weddings, so they know what can go wrong and make sure it doesn’t. One wedding planner told the band afterwards, “The toasts were planned to go for a half an hour and after 10 minutes they were done. I was freaking out because I had told the band to take a break... I looked around and they were standing right behind me - whew!”
  9. You can have the sound customized just for you with other instruments... add a violin for country music, a conga player for salsa. They have lots of tried and true musicians who play with us and are ready to go to make sure you have the perfect wedding entertainment for your wedding reception! They can offer you plenty of wedding music ideas from playing hundreds of weddings, to make sure you have the time of your life.
  10. You can have varied music entertainment for your entire wedding...This band provides the perfect wedding entertainment for a very reasonable price. You can have a classical duo or trio for your ceremony music, the band split into two combos inside and outside for cocktails, nice quiet dinner music and a rockin’ dance party with the whole band, playing until the wee hours.

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