Should I Hire a Band or a DJ?

Many couples have a difficult time deciding whether to hire a dance band for their wedding or a DJ. Here are some considerations to help you choose.

There are different types of Bands and different types of DJs…

A wedding DJ is different from a club DJ or a hip-hop DJ just as a dance band that specializes in weddings is different from a bar band or a show band. Both DJs and the best wedding dance bands have a wide repertoire to delight all ages and musical tastes. Other types of bands and DJs, though great in their own fields, won’t have the wide repertoire, experience with all the genres of music, and understanding of how weddings flow that an experienced wedding band or DJ will have. Also, a good wedding dance band or DJ understands that the party is not about them, it’s about  you!

The Ceremony

For your wedding ceremony music, always go with live musicians. The reason: a DJ’s recording of Pachelbel’s Canon is 3 minutes long but you may only need 30 seconds as you walk down the aisle… the DJ is going to have to simply fade the track out which will sound awkward. Wedding musicians, on the other hand, pick a good place to end the piece, so the song actually ends rather than just fading out.

The Reception

With music for the wedding reception, it’s not as cut and dried…

1) Live music adds a special touch you and your guests will remember for years to come. Just ask Danny, a groom who hired the Spotlight Band, the best dance band in Colorado said, “If only our friends had a wedding reception band like this I would’ve quit whining during the first song!”

2) A DJ will generally (not always) be cheaper than a wedding reception band, although sometimes not by much, and if you’re planning a longer reception, various things can change that. For example, a string quartet and a DJ may cost as much as 75% of the price of a live dance band that can play the wedding ceremony, background music for cocktails and dinner, then launch into dance music for the rest of the night.

3) A dance band will be higher energy because real instruments just simply kick harder than a recording. Of course, it had better be a good party band that also knows when NOT to be loud and high energy, such as during dinner!

4) A DJ should have a huge selection on hand; however, if the bride and groom pick their favorites in advance, a really good wedding reception band (such as the Spotlight Band) can absolutely play as wide a variety as a DJ… and, again, it’ll kick harder, giving your entire reception more energy than someone can create by playing CDs.

Every situation is different, so call us to work out what combination of live musicians, wedding ceremony ensembles, wedding reception bands, and DJ’s will work best for you!
















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