Gypsy Mandolin Gypsy Music, Bluegrass, Blues Duo

Looking for a unique duo that can play bluegrass, country, rock and more? Gypsy Mandolin from the Denver, CO area is a great fit for a fun backyard party or themed event.

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“they always provide us with the perfect match… they are reliable, sound phenomenal, and we never have to worry about anything with them…”- Rebecca, Maggiano’s

Mandolin-Guitar Duo

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Charlie Provenza’s Mandolin/Guitar Duo, Gypsy Mandolin is an extremely versatile duo, playing everything from gypsy and classical Italian music to bluegrass and the Blues.

Charlie Provenza heads this pair on mandolin, a six-time winner of the Telluride Festival mandolin contest and a Winfield mandolin championship title holder. To create an uplifting and unique atmosphere for your special event, choose this world-class duo.

Gypsy Mandolin playes for parties, corporate events and festivals throughout Colorado and in nearby states. They are the perfect choice for a unique atmosphere and upbeat sound.

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