Emcee Services

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Emcee Services for weddings:

You can have the band leader Emcee your reception...Matt is a fun and upbeat Emcee who knows how to keep the wedding reception flowing smoothly with dignity and class, keeping people involved and having fun at the same time. He has unique ideas for interesting things to say that will delight you and your guests.  You decide what announcements you need made and let him know. These might include calling the mother and son or father and daughter to the dance floor, announcing your bridal party. announcing the cake cutting, unity candle lighting, keeping a money dance flowing, asking guests to join in the buffet, and more! So many choices and he can help you in making decisions on which announcements to make and when each should take place.



Emcee Services for corporate events:

You can have the band leader Emcee your reception or banquet...Matt has a great speaking voice and can make any announcements at your party or banquet. These might include calling on an employee to come on stage and accept an award, announcing seating for dinner, asking everyone to join in a special dance on the dance floor, telling your special jokes, wishing staff a happy birthday, and more! The possibilities are endless!  
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